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Pattern Eco-packaging trial introduces new designers

For the past three months we have been participating in an eco-packaging trial for patterns distributed by Creative Abundance. We received an assortment of patterns packaged in paper envelopes instead of plastic ones. Many of the patterns were from designers we hadn't stocked before. I decided I would showcase different designers here for you.

Our first feature designer is Molly and Mama.

Lauren was kind enough to send some of her samples to me and they are currently on display in store. They are Milly Mouse Cushion, Bitty Bunnies and Miss Molly and Friend pin cushions. The pin cushions are the perfect companion when working on your latest project. Keep all your pins where you need them while you are sewing hexagons together or stitching with beautiful Valdani Threads

On her website, Lauren says "Molly and Mama is all about helping you to achieve your creative dreams, by teaching you the techniques and skills that have been passed on from each generation, so that you too can experience the joy and satisfaction of making beautiful things by hand.

There’s a little bit of Molly (my grandmother) and Mama (my mother) in everything I create. They are the two amazing women who inspired my love of all things creative and encouraged me to follow my dreams.

Molly and Mama patterns allow you to build upon your skills and show you how to explore new creative possibilities with a needle and thread."

All patterns include easy to follow instructions with step-by-step guides and templates, alongside useful tips and tricks so that you can enjoy sewing without stress or fuss!

To read more about Molly and Mama on their website and you can follow @mollyandmama on Facebook and Instagram to see what the are up to.

You can find the patterns pictured below in store and online

Milly Mouse Cushion pattern Miss Molly and Friends pin cushions pattern

Craftiness is Happiness Hoop art pattern Bitty Bunnies pattern

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the eco-packaging pattern trial, please feel free to comment below or email us at k

Until next time, stay safe everyone and b


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